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Friendship Corn Starch Co., Ltd is the first and only one Corn Starch Wet-Milling manufacturing in Thailand. We supply Corn Starch and By- Products to
domestic markets. We are expanding and developing our business by extensively certified Quality and Safety systems such as GHPsHACCPISO22000
FSSC22000ISO14001 by SGS (THAILAND) LIMITED. and HALAL by THE CENTRAL ISLAMIC COUNCIL OF THAILAND. We are in the recruitment for new
graduate and experience people with variety of knowledges and backgrounds to join, grow and achieve our goals.


We are seeking for well performed candidates to work with us since we realize that our human capital seen as one of the valuable key success factors for
our company. Therefore, our employees have continually been prepared for increasing knowledge, skills, and work performance through internal and external
training courses, for example, we provide on the job training course for new or transferred employees. Friendship Corn Starch places an important concern on
skilled people to grow with us.
                    •     Bonus
                    •     Annual salary adjustment
                    •     Provident Fund
                    •     Diligence allowance
                    •     Cost of living allowance
                    •     Uniform
                    •     Annual health check
                    •     Funeral Allowance
                    •     Vacation leave
                    •     Free shuttle bus
                    •     Financial support for funeral arrangements and maternity

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about your career and entry opportunities at Friendship Corn Starch please do not hesitate to contact us.

Human Resource Department

Friendship Corn Starch Co., Ltd.
110 Sukhumvit Road, 47.5 Km. Bangpoo, Mueang, Samutprakarn 10280 Thailand
TEL : (662)-108-2053-6 E-MAIL :

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