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Quality policy

Friendship Corn Starch Co., Ltd.
show the will in the arrangement stands the system administrates the quality for example administration program base side
hygienic condition system in a factory (Food Hygiene) or GHPs (Good Hygiene Practices) standardized Codex Alimentarius : CAC/RCP 1 – 1969 ; Rev.3 – 1997.

Analysis Dangerous System and Critical Dot (HACCP)

Standardized Codex Alimentarius Supplement to Volume 1B – 1997:
Annex to CAC/RCP – (1969), Rev.3 – 1997: Hazard Analysis and Critical
Control Point (HACCP)System and Guidelines for its Application.

Food Safety Policy

Friendship Corn Starch Co., Ltd.
be engrossed in system lead ISO 22000
come to minister build the products for the products has to multiply by good
picture safety be appropriate and build topmost contentment with a customer.

Safety Policy and Healthiness Occupation 

Friendship Corn Starch Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting the safety of employees to prevent accidents, injuries and illnesses in working and eliminating or
controlling insecurity related to the business operations of the Company, contractors and visitors. by defining a security policy Occupational health and working
environment As a guideline for employees.

  • Safety at work is the first responsibility in the work of all staff.
  • Aim for accident-free by reducing risk.
  • Promote safety awareness at work with everyone involved. To stimulate and raise awareness against the safety of all employees.
  • Support to improve working conditions and environment to ensure safety in work continuously.
  • Follow up and evaluate the performance according to the Occupational Safety, Health and Work Environment Policy set out in the annual work plan for serious performance and maximum efficiency.

Environmental Policy

Friendship Corn Starch Co., Ltd. manufacturer of corn starch and corn by-products recognize environmental protection as one of our key principles.
We are committed in leading the industry in environmental protection by implementing key strategies.
  • Operate to Meet or exceed all the environmental and occupational health legislation that relates to the Company.
  • Use an accredited program to prevent and eliminate pollution at its source.
  • Maximizing efficiency of all power sources use.
  • Continue developing environmental plans and effectively implementing action plans to meet new challenging plans.
  • The Company will implement a training program for its staff to raise awareness of environmental issues and enlist their support in improving the policy.

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