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CORN GLUTEN FEED is that part of the commercial shelled corn that remains after the extraction of the larger portion of the starch, gluten, and germ
by the processes employed in the wet-milling manufacture of corn starch or syrup.
It may or may not contain one or more of the following : fermented corn  extractives, corn germ meal.




Moisture :
Protein Content :
Fat :
Fiber :
13% Max
16% Min
1% Min
12% Max


CORN GLUTEN FEED is widely used in feed for catile and other ruminants. By virtue of their complex
digestivesystem, cattle can thrive on feeds relatively high in fiber content, and are less demanding
of the quality of protein feed. At 16-20% protein and 7-10% fiber, corn gluten feed may be incorporated
at levels up to 50% of the ration for dairy and beef cattle.CORN GLUTEN FEED may be used at a level
up to 10% of complete rations for swine. It has been Found that when the amino acid content of
the diet is balanced (through the use of protein ingredients complementary to the corn protein), growing
and finishing swine can well utilize up to 30% of corn gluten feed in the diet. The limiting factor in these
diets appears to be the quantity or the availability of the amino-acid, tryptophan, rather than the fiber
content. Most of the commonly used cereal grains and their by-products are relatively deficient in the
essential amino-acidsvlysine and methionine. Some of these are only fair sources of tryptophan.
Corn Gluten Feed can replace with appropriate formula adjustments, these other cereal products with
equal or better results in production or  growth. CORN GLUTEN FEED has been used advantageously
within the range of 5-10% of the formula for chicken and turkey growing mashes, poultry laying or
breeder mashes, and complete brood-sow rations.


40 Kgs.  Net bag.

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